October 16, 2021
CatBags can fit nanners and other such.

Yes, It Will Fit Your Banana

Here Is How Our CatBags Can Fit Your Belongings, Which May Include Your Banana And Your Not-Bananas

Today, we’re going to give everyone a brief run down in the carry-all capabilities of our friendly feline-faced fortnighters. In case you were wondering, and many of our readers have, our Catbags can fit fruit. Various fruit. All sorts of fruit. Pictured above is a Chain Bag (Oliver style) fitting a banana. Let this be the final word – Our Catbags Can Fit Your Banana-Sized Fruit.

Also, I absolutely promise you that it can fit more than a banana.

Just imagine the possibilities. Do you have other things that are vaguely banana shaped that you want to keep at arms reach at all times? You know what? Lets move on.

Catbags ability to fit cabbages proves we know what we are talking about - Also the moon landing is fake apparently.

Cabbages are vegetables, so the question of if it can fit your cabbage is understandable. Yes, our Catbags can fit your vegetables. Specifically, our Tote Bag (pictured above in the adorable Sam style) can fit a cabbage PLUS your banana or potentially other similarly sized fruit. We apologize, as this combination is not pictured above because we just thought about it but it is really blowing our minds now.

This also means that it can fit things similar in size and shape to a cabbage, like comically large rubber band balls, human heads, a basketball, or just a cabbage-sized amount of jellybeans. (We don’t advise putting bowling balls in here. We’re not sure how well the stitching will work but we assure you that, for a short moment in time, our Catbags will make every attempt at successfully holding your bowling ball.)

Can we convince you to put something besides perishables in our Catbags? If you send us pictures of yourself toting a Catbag containing non-perishable objects and in public, we will post those suckers so hard to the internet, it will reverberate with your weird and potentially embarrassing image forever.

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