September 23, 2021

About Us

Cat Bags. We understand your confusion. If you aren’t confused, we’re confused by your unexpected clarity on the subject. Let’s break it down.

  • We’re cats, who understand the need for humans to carry their belongings around. You have so many belongs. So many.
  • You’re people, who have arms and shoulders and carry things like cell phones and wallets and car keys and cabbages.

These are not regular hand bags, like Michael Kors’ or Coach or Gucci. You know the ones, where you spend many hundreds of dollars on them and no one even notices. How could they? Designer bags look like this. No, in fact, if you were carrying around your belongings in a paper sack I might actually make a comment. A designer bag, covered in weird logos, are as ubiquitous as sand at the beach. You might say ‘Wow, this sand in my pants is really chafing me‘ but you’re never going to say ‘Hey, is that Finely Ground Beach Sand by Armani?

Designer bags aren’t even noteworthy anymore, so we’re done noting them.

Instead, offers affordable interesting solutions to your need to carry your pens and notepads or baby supplies or whatever your jam is and I promise you, someones going to notice them. Then they’re going to notice you. Then maybe you start kissing, I don’t know how these things work. I’m a cat.


Scooter – Scooter is afraid of everything. Grass, wind, food, the inky blackness of ones own mind. He’s got some pretty wild ideas (some might say conspiracies) about who you are and what you are going to do to him and he’ll have none of it.

Ted and Theodore – Ted and Theodore are best buds. They love things together. They hate things together. They make crazy accusations and investigate things together.

Inquisitive Carl – Unlike Scooter, Carl isn’t afraid of everything. Actually, he’s way interested. He wants to know what you are doing and why you are doing it. He’s a one man Sherlock army, like Sherlock, but a cat.

Miscellaneous Authors – Sometimes other cats like to slink by and drop a line. We’re… okay with that. They’ve said some pretty weird things but reading a blog with a load of interesting and transient hosts is sorta like reading a newspaper written entirely by a pack of wild dogs. It doesn’t make much sense but they certainly try hard.

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