September 23, 2021
Lets Go Back To Talking About Free Money Title

Lets Go Back to Talking About Free Money

You Know, That Fun Time We Had Back In 2020

$600 Isn’t Much

Here is a cool blue jeans fact for you – that tiny little pocket, just above your actual pocket, is where you’re meant to put your stimulus money. Seriously, it can all fit in there. We’ve tried it. But in all seriousness, $600 dollars does seem a bit like a practical joke. That doesn’t even cover rent, for most people. It sort of feels like those school pizza parties. You remember those, right? You’d hype yourself up and wait for them forever! Then, when it finally arrives, you get 1/5 a slice of pizza and a tiny cup full of Sprite. But, practical joke or not, it’s still $600 dollars that we didn’t have before, right?

When Will You Get Your Stimulus Check

So, when are you going to receive this wallet bursting amount of dough? Well, many people have already received it. If you filed your taxes last year, your bank information will still be on file. If you don’t have bank information but you have an address, then the IRS will more than likely send it there. If you haven’t received yours though, you can always go to the IRS website (IRS.GOV) and use their tools to track your where your stimulus money is and how long it will take to get to you. Most people are getting theirs the same way that they received their first one, back in April of last year. If it’s taking a while to get to you though, don’t sweat it. You’ll be able to claim that stimulus money when you file your taxes.

Yuck! Taxes!

Speaking of taxes…yuck! It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Thankfully, the stimulus money that we’re getting isn’t taxable. You won’t have to claim it as income on your taxes at all. You still have to deal with your usual tax ups and downs, but that’s just part of adulting. It’s ok if you throw a small tantrum. We won’t tell anybody. Promise. At least you’ll be $600 richer though, so what are you waiting for? Purchase that dream-house of yours! Put a down payment on that Lambo! Your options are limitless. There isn’t anything you can’t do when you’re swimming in that kind of money.

Maybe More???

There are talks of congress already discussing the possibility of sending out a third stimulus check. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that it is going to be a little more than our pizza party checks. At the rate our government is going though, we will probably only end up getting a $10 gift card to Chick-Fil-A. It won’t necessarily help you with your bills, but that Polynesian sauce is pretty darn good.

Swimming in Money

Take a moment, if you will, and just imagine all of the toilet paper and paper towels you will now be able to buy with your newly acquired $600! And you don’t even have to settle for the off brand either. You can splurge on some ultra-soft Charmin. Say goodbye to your Ramen noodles and hello to Campbells Chunky soups! Apple music, Spotify, you can even go crazy and purchase Pandora premium! Did you even know Pandora had a premium? It still has ads on it. (Insert shrug here) But you can go to just about any fast-food window and ask for extra condiments because you’re not gonna care if they charge you a little extra for ketchup or barbeque sauce. You can even go the extra mile and order something off the dollar menu. Go wild! Maybe you can even quit your job and enjoy early retirement.

Don’t Look a Gift Horse in The Mouth

In all seriousness though, hopefully the $600 sees you well and helps you out, even it’s only in some small way. We can all hope for a third one to come to us before too long, and hopefully it’ll be more than congress merely clapping from their windows. In the meantime though, enjoy that Polynesian sauce and hang on to your Charmin.

Spend It All At Once

Here is what Amazon has for $600 items to immediately unburden you with your newfound fluid:

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