July 29, 2021
Twelve Days of Catmas - Day Seven - Animal Themed Planters For You Plant Loving Animals

Twelve Days of Catmas – Day 7

Animal Themed Planters for you Plant Loving Animals

Today features something you can do with $8 – neglect a plant. Bundle it with a Pilea plant and race your co-workers in how quickly you can murder your desk foliage. Or just put a cactus in it and throw it away when you find it again in 10 years. Or grow legal pot illegally we ain’t give a damn.



CatBagz.com Presents - Twelve Days of Catmas - Day Seven - Corgi planters for Corgi enthusiasts. CORGI PETS SHAPE EXQUISITE INDOOR GARDENING ART HERB FLOWER RESIN PLANTERS 6FDC

These darling little pups will hold your stinky little flowers for as long as you need and won’t even provide their own stinky dampness to your Hibiscus mutabilis. They won’t caca in your Michelia champaka. They won’t put their pee-ness in your Ficus bengalensis. They won’t drop their poo-la in your Cassia fistula. You should probably get your Cassia fistula looked at anyway. It’s dribbling all over the carpet.

CatBagz.com Presents - Twelve Days of Catmas - Day Seven - Cat planters for your cat nip so your cat has something to huff as much as you. Chia Pet Grass Planter: Snoozy Cat

Your cat into the nip? They got a taste for the felanja? This little planter adorned with a cat will make sure you don’t mistakenly clip cat nip into tonight’s pesto or end up with cats rolling around in your bolognese.

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