September 23, 2021
Twelve Days of Catmas - Day Thirteen: We blame our poor mathematical skills on the only true culprit this holiday season - Saint Lucifer Satan, the Krampus of All Year Long.

Twelve Days of Catmas – Day 13

Hang Your Stockings – Satan is Coming!

You’ve made it to our THIRTEENTH DAY of the TWELVE DAYS OF CATMAS. By the virtue of being still alive after the twelfth (twelfth is a weird word but we’re all lucky it wasn’t called twainth), you have discovered the secret day devoted to Satan, the Krampus of the rest of the year. Here you’ll find a variety of Satanic apparel, whether he would have liked it or not.

Today is definitely NOT just a miscalculation on the amount of days until Christmas when we started this shindig and even if it was we would blame Satan anyway.



Twelve Days of Catmas - Day Thirteen - Taylor Swift and Satan seem pretty close. I've never been to a show but this shirt makes it look pretty rad. Taylor Shirt Parody Devil Satan Cult Pop Swift Funny SMALL Novelty unisex rare

I’ve never been to a Taylor Swift concert but this shirt makes them look pretty rad. The condition is listed as “Never Worn” which means someone custom made this shirt but not for themselves and whoever they gave it to also did not wear it.

This is a once-made-never-again item people. Make this a real love story and fulfill your wildest dreams by picking it up for NEARLY ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS, shake it off, and fill that blank space in your haunted getaway car. Look what you made me do. This is why we can’t have nice things. I knew you were trouble.

Who are we kidding, we are never ever ever getting you to buy this.

Twelve Days of Catmas - Day Thirteen - Hang your stockings with care with hopes that Saint Satan soon would be there. 78560 Hail Pizza Pentagram Satan Black Red Socks Knee High Roller Derby Sourpuss

If there is one thing Satan digs it is pizza in his name. If you wear these on a dark cold night and sacrifice a virgin pizzabread house to the fat dark lord, your footsies will be kept relatively warm for some period of time. Ten bucks is steep but that is the price you pay for your witchcraft.

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