July 29, 2021
Merry Catmas to All - The trims off the tree and we've been visited by an old kraut. Its great seeing you again now get the hell out.

Merry Catmas to All

Now Get the Hell Out

The season is lovely.

The weather is bitchin’.

The ham’s all been ate.

Get the fuck out my kitchen.


Were you thinking of leaving?

Get the fuck out my head.

Are you staying ’til New Years?

Get the fuck out instead.


We’ve been visited by Santa.

Old round and stout.

You can follow his lead

And get your ass out.


I’ve got shit in my hallways

and shit on my lawn.

Your shit’s in my driveway

Why aren’t you gone?


The paper’s been shredded

and strewn all about.

There’s shit everywhere now.

Get the fuck out.


Your presence was welcome.

Your presents are dear.

Your car hasn’t started.

The fuck you still here?


What a pleasure that was

as it always has been.

It’s really been great

to see you again.

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