July 29, 2021
Internet - The Magazine Featured an Interview With CatBagz.com Author Scooter!

CatBagz.com Interview in This Months Edition of Internet – The Magazine

Alternatively Titled: ‘I Was Interviewed By OJ Simpson and Lived to Tell the Tale’

Hot on the heels of our prior magazine feature comes this colossal news:


I was sitting on this information for weeks just to bring it out today. It was excruciating, let me tell you. When I got that random call, totally out of the blue, from someone who I’m guessing is in charge of collecting a months worth of Internet happenings, I was totally over the moon. The guy asked ‘Do you want to be interviewed and featured in our March edition?‘ and I yelled ‘YES!‘ and he said ‘You’ll be interviewed by OJ Simpson. Is this ok with you?‘ and I said ‘KINDA!‘ and he said ‘Great, we’ll have him call you in a few days.‘ and I think he hung up first because I started squealing and didn’t stop until my phone died.

For those of you who are not current subscribers of this wonderful magazine, we’ve included pictures of the front page in this article. Also, we’ve included the interview piece below (done by someone who identified themselves as ‘O.J. Simpson’ and who may or may not have been O.J. Simpson).


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