September 23, 2021 being featured in Cat Bag Enthusiast Magazine is literally like Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar.

We’re Featured in the February Edition of Cat Bag Enthusiast Magazine

We’ve Hit the Big Time: Modern Print Media

In coordination with our big opening day (did you miss it? you can buy cat bags here now. Remember to use the coupon code TripleThreat for a free coin purse with your purchase of a tote and chain or cross body bag.), we’re happy to announce that we’ve been featured in the latest edition of Cat Bag Enthusiast Magazine:

Cat Bag Enthusiast Magazine is the largest and most circulated magazine featuring content from major cat bag enthusiasts everywhere.

To be featured in this magazine, sometimes colloquially referred to as CatBagMag by us in the office, is a big deal. It is THE big deal. You might even say this is the whole reason we started selling cat bags, besides meeting the needs of a woefully under-served market.

Whats next for us here at CatBagz? Well, I guess there is always the chance we’ll be picked up in Vogue.

Be sure to pick up your copy of this momentous occasion at your local Cat Bag Enthusiast Magazine retailer today.

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