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Cat Bag Enthusiast Magazine Blingee

Inquisitive Carl Found Something to Do Today: Blingee Edition.

Inquisitive Carl Makes a Blingee in Celebration

When management informed me of our segment in CatBagMag I was over the moon. Specifically, I was over hanging out at the moon pie factory rolling around in someone else’s filth. I ran back as fast as I could, which was really more of a sauntering walk, just so I could celebrate the occasion. By the time I rolled in, everyone else had partied themselves into a nap. So I joined in.

When I finally woke up, I made this Blingee.

Inquisitive Carl Made this Rockin' Cat Bag Enthusiast Magazine Blingee For Us.
Love, Carl

Thank God the internet saved this thing. If only someone had done this back when GeoCities closed the original source of overly animated GIFs and websites dedicated to 90’s boy bands going to space could still be around.

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