September 23, 2021
Oliver the Cat Bag, shown here in the chain bag model, can hold a variety of stuff including alcohol and fruit.

An Evening with Oliver the Chain Bag

Oliver Wants You to Know He Is Exceptionally Skeptical and Doesn’t Believe Much of Anything But Can Carry a Whole Lot.

I’m Oliver and you are full of it. How do I know? Your mouth is moving. I’m exceptionally skeptical.

However, be that as it may, and other such transitional phrases, I am an open book. Actually, I’m an open bag. I have a sizable bag area and an somewhat smaller but just as useful zippered pocket inside.

The chain bag has a zippered inside pocket.
I’m Practically Useful! I’m Usefully Practical!

You can just about put anything inside there. You have a wallet? Done. You have a flask of Crown Royal? Yes, I can just about fit that. In fact, I can probably fit two flasks or one pint bottle. I don’t know what your plans are, but I can also handle fruit, vegetables, and several pens.

You can fit a banana lengthwise into Oliver the cat faced chain bag. I guess. If you want to.
A Banana Lengthwise? That Wasn’t Even Hard.

These are just high-level concepts in this space race we’re running here. Space as in physical space, not like astronauts. Whatever your needs are, it is likely that I can assist you in carrying stuff while expressing a great disdain for the less than plausible things people are always coming to you with.

I just simply refuse to believe them.

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