July 29, 2021
Ted and Theodore Watch Rehashed Classics So That You Don't Have To.

Theodore and Ted Investigate: Regurgitated Classics

What Were You Thinking? We Have Some Better Suggestions

You’ll have to excuse Ted. He is excitable. Still, was Fuller House your best idea, or are you stalling for the invention of cryogenics when you can reunite the cast of the Mary Tyler Moore Show?
Are you going to call it the Mary Tyler Most Show?
Theodore, this is the Mary Tyler Least of your worries.
No, I guess it could have been Fullest House, an episode of Hoarders where they visit a home of excessive Full House memorabilia, newspapers, and dog feces.
Either way, we came up with a couple of suggestions for your next big streaming hit saved from the dumpster of cable television hell.
First up: Saved By The Belle. A re-visitation on the classic show Saved By The Bell but set in early 1800’s, starring several ladies in massive hoop skirts with the part of Screech being played by a wholly overblown depiction of a Yankee. Think of it as Gone with the Wind meets Degrassi Junior High.
That is terrible Theodore. My suggestion is Beverly Hills, 90211, which is, of course, Beverly Hills, 90210 but in a slightly different area.
Ok, ok, my next one is Murder, Love Boat, wherein Angela Lansbury solves crimes on a boat full of amorous 70’s pop culture figures.
How about 3 and a Half Men, which just combines the version with Charlie Sheen and the version with Ashton Kutcher.
That’s particularly devious, Ted. You are truely the Josef Stalin of modern cable television.
The Bolshevik revolution will not be televised.
No, but you can stream it on Netflix and it stars several members of Air Buddies.

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