July 29, 2021
This guy muses on the love of Donald Trump's life.

Here It Is, February, And All I Can Think About Is Donald Trump

Keeping Tabs on the Great American Debate: The Loud One or the Weird One

You’ll have to excuse me. For a moment there, I thought Donald Trump had been married to Hungarian twins Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor. Turns out, it was the other set of Hungarian twins, Gene Simmons and a Hungarian Puli. My mistake. Sorry if that made it to CNN. If so, they should really look into their sources. It would seem there are Several Other Cat-Authored Internet Sites from which to secret those stolen headlines you damn dirty apes.

What makes this one unique? Well, theoretically, it would be selling Cat Bags, and you know what, we’ll get to that in a moment (for exceptionally lengthy definitions of moments). First, lets dissect the human condition:


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