July 29, 2021

Hey, Whatcha Doin’?

Inquisitive Carl Needs To Know

Hey. Whats going on? Whats up on this desk of yours? You’ve been sitting here for the ENTIRE last hour. I don’t get it. Here, let me get some of this clutter out of the way. That should help you get going this morning. This pencil cup can go on the floor. So can this pad of paper and this book you were reading. There. Now I can make it to this weird clicky floor pad you keep touching and…



What is this warm thing? With all the light pouring out of it. Its so warm. Let me just rub against it. Wow, that gets a purr or two. While you were busy picking up that worthless stuff that fell off your desk I decided to take up roost on your clicky pad, laying against this great warm thing.

This is amazing. Your things are amazing and I love them. Although now the warm thing is making a ton of noise and you seem disturbed by that.


Fine. Yes, the floor is great. Just look at it. Its cold and uninviting like you just were. I’m going to meow sharply at you.


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