September 23, 2021
Twelve Days of Catmas - Day Two - Ebay Offers Great Deals on The Peoples Teeth

Twelve Days of Catmas – Day 2

Serving Up a Batch of Tasty Teeth

I can already tell this is going to be good. What is it Ted?
Do you know how human teeth work?
Well, they’re big and flat and they use them to chew food and tear open bags and sometimes to threaten others by showing them in public.
Do they have to spread dirt on them to keep them clean?
I would assume that would make them dirty. “Dirt” is part of the word dirty so I would be confused why they’d do that.
Someone is hocking teeth dirt on the internet.
More power to them. We couldn’t sell darling, cat-faced bags but black mouth dust is probably flying off the shelves for them.


DAY TWO Presents - Twelve Days of Catmas - Day Two - Teeth blackening carbon for your gross ass mouth. Activated Organic Charcoal Carbon Teeth Whitening Powder
This is the finest finest mouth dirt one can buy. Spread this all over your gums and teeth and lips and face (don’t leave your house) and everything will be shiny. as. hell. Thank us later. Thank us now. Hell, thank us at all. Presents - Twelve Days of Catmas - Day Two - A set of real human teeth that are super grody. Real Human Teeth – pre-owned 10+ some broken extras
So, can I sell anything on Ebay? The listing here describes the condition as ‘Used “old – kind of creepy”?WHAT? FUCK YES THIS IS CREEPY! DID YOU STEAL THESE? WHY DID YOU KEEP THESE? WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?

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