September 23, 2021 Featured in Desperate Times Magazine, April Edition

CatBagz.Com Featured in the April 2017 Edition of ‘Desperate Times’

Some of you are seeing this message in your feed and are saying,

“Whoa, what? Is that a CatBagz post on my wall or have I just been sent back in time to kill John Conner?”

And some of you have been sent back in time to kill John Connor. But for the rest of you: that’s right, we paid our hosting bill again for another year of this mess. We even paid our quarterly taxes, which is a nice way for the government to point out that we’ve made $0 for the past several months.

If they could audit us, so that I could pull out reams of imaginary receipts and say “Here is all the money we did not make from this endeavor.”, that would really be a nice reminder trifecta that all our efforts are simply another diversion on the road to the grave. But we digress.

To reward our “perseverence”, we’ve been honored in this month’s edition of “Desperate Times” magazine, sister to “High Times” magazine. It even includes our submission for their list of things desperate times call for:

“Desperate times call for mobile application development”

Which is exactly what we’ve been doing with our time. We’ll have more soon, but for now, expect more of this and less of what we were doing before this, which was burying several cat bags in the backyard.

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