September 23, 2021
Title - Is this thing still on?

Is This Thing Still On?


We’re gonna be blunt here – this wasn’t really supposed to happen. We gave up on this but this didn’t give up on us.

Based on the dates of our last posting it was roughly just after Christmas of 2018 when we started coasting on the laurels of our ad revenue, which, if amortized across the lifetime of our Google AdSense account, comes out to roughly one dollar and twenty American cents.

Our gross income from this website could be adjusted for inflation and is nearly old enough to vote.

You know what else is adjusted for inflation? Hosting costs. Apparently storing less than 100 blog posts, about 5 of which are actually comedy gold and the rest comedy cubic zirconia at least, is worth about as much as a sandwich made with edible gold. Let me reiterate: for the cost of our hosting we could have purchased these 45 rolls of toilet paper.

If you’re reading this from the past or maybe way far into the future, let us be the first to tell you that the year 2020 is starting to boil over because that toilet paper deal is making some good sense here.

Anyway, the sites pretty deep in the red and the worst part is we’re still not quite sure what went wrong here and at this point we’re too afraid to ask. You know what we’re not afraid of doing?

Posting on the mother fucking internet. So we’re just gonna keep doing that and maybe the lights will stay on and maybe the toilet paper will show up when I ordered it from the internet a week ago.

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