September 23, 2021
Ted and Theodore Do Something Dumb For An Embarrassingly Long Period of Time.

Ted and Theodore Make Some Memes For You

We’re Social Media Challenged – Can You Click The Button That Makes Us Famous?

Hey There People! Theodore here. If you haven’t heard yet, we’re GIVING AWAY A FREE CAT BAG.
Hopefully you’ve heard. It is big news.
We actually don’t know if you’ve heard, because we can’t seem to operate our marketing channels appropriately to get the word out.
We’re new to social media, but we know what you like.
Popular Internet Memes!
That is right. We spent entirely too long making these things. We hope you enjoy:

Clearly You Haven't Read The Terms Of My Incarceration

That one is pretty good.
These kids look like they’ve stumbled on something they really shouldn’t have.
Like a hole in the software blocking them from going to YouTube and watching all those videos where people play games and scream obscenities.
What were the terms of your incarceration, Ted?
‘Aggressive Love-seat Battery. Wanton Reckless Endangerment of Carpet. Mashery.’

This Weekend I Gazed Longingly Into The Abyss and Shopped At Kohls

Gotta say Ted, this one is a little weird.
If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gets you a 30% off coupon for everything at Kohls.
What does the abyss look like?
A mix between a Caravaggio painting and a wood chipper. Weird. Deadly.

The Side Effect To My Diabetes Medication Is Extreme Bouts Of Sexual Disorientation, Your Honor

I don’t think Sexual Disorientation is a thing. Is it supposed to be a crime?
Everything is a crime somewhere.

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