September 23, 2021
Ted and Theodore Lay About on a Lazy Thursday

Lazy Thursday Post

Ted and Theodore Being Lazy

…..Yes. We are very lazy.
Sooooooooooo lazy. Like, I don’t know about you Ted, but I’m feeling pretty lazy today.
…. so lazy I’m not even gonna talk about it. I’m just going to sit here with my head up and my eyes closed and feel around with my paws to make sure there aren’t any food particles that could get trapped in my mouth.
I’m not even doing that. I’m just gonna sit here and breathe. Yep, just filling the floor space with my impossibly flexible body here.
so lazy. not even gonna capitalize letters.
ted ive stopped using punctuation
theo im so lazy im just copying and pasting these words from other places
Ted. That actually sounds like its a lot of work
ohmigod its so much work

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