September 23, 2021
Twelve Days of Catmas - Day Four - Haunted Hats and Magic Spells

Twelve Days of Catmas – Day 4

Haunted Hats and Magic Spells

What I’ve learned in the past couple weeks is that Ebay is like a better version of Amazon. Sure, you might get duped into buying a picture of the thing you thought you were buying, but nowhere on Amazon are you going to find what we’re about to showcase here on the FOURTH DAY of CATMAS.

Buckle up cause you are not going to be as disappointed as I was after reading about Santeria Harry Potter offering remote wizard talents for $35 bucks a pop.


DAY FOUR Presents - Twelve Days of Catmas - Day Four - We found a haunted hat for sale. How haunted? A lot haunted. ~HAUNTED ANTIQUE/VINTAGE HAND-SEWN CLOTH AMISH TYPE BONNET~ VINTAGE

Lets break this down:

The condition is listed as: POLTERGEIST ACTIVITIES~This doll us known to move and hide objects.

The description includes this sentence: I brought it to a medium friend of mine she started there is definitely some kind of spirit following the bonnet.

You’re gonna need a larger friend. Presents - Twelve Days of Catmas - Day Four - This magic spell will ward off relationship problems without the mess of receiving a physical delivery of goods. Remove Curse That is Harming Your Relationship

This product threw us for a loop. We believe this is the first e-service we’ve seen for sale on Ebay. If your transaction with “padrinoacosta” succeeds, you will not receive anything in the mail. I guess you might stop fighting with your spouse. In the extended description, you can find this statement: “I will not ship anything to you unless you request the penedant or stone. If you do, you will need to add $2.50 for shipping”

So you’re telling me that this guy has sold tangibly nothing to 258 fucking people and I can’t sell a cat bag to save my life.

I’m gonna tell you, dear reader, that this Christmas season is kind of bumming me out.


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