September 23, 2021
Ted and Theodore Snooze and Muse About Thursday.

Lazy Thursday Post: Sunday Edition

Ted and Theodore Are So Lazy (How Lazy Are They?) They’re So Lazy They Experience a Hexurnal Cycle

Yes, Theodore?
Ted, what day is it?
I think its February.
I think that’s a month. What day is it?
Its probably an even day. It feels like an even day. Like a 2, or something in the teens. 16th. I bet its the 16th.
Like what is the name of this day?
Do we still live in the time of evolved mammals? What did they call days again? I think its Thorsday.
Oh. I think we’re supposed to do something on Thorsdays.
Yea, you’re right. Is it celebrate muscley dudes with hammers? Whats Mike Rowe doing these days?
I think hes trying to solve over-sold higher education issues.
Hmm, what about Bob Vila?
Seems to be drinking so heavily he can’t find his bottle openers.
Writing lengthy frog-based satire about America’s Next Top President.
Mmm, I don’t think he counts as muscley. Say, does President Carter own and operate the popular children’s clothing store Carter’s?
Well, you know what I’m going to do today Theodore?
What are you going to do today, Ted?
Take another snoozer.

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