October 16, 2021
Rutherford J. Catz cannot believe they let the Puppy Bowl on television again this year.

The Puppy Bowl Needs To Have Some Competition

The Gridiron is No Place for Mindless Defecation

To Whom It May Concern;

First, let me state I did not watch the puppy bowl. I find it to be meaningless hairy drivel.

I also did not watch the actual Super Bowl, although I hear there have been many several of them. I also find them to be meaningless hairy drivel.

You need not grieve my lack of participation in this American past time, for I caught most of the commercials on You-Tube.

In the future, may I suggest the following edits:

  • Laser-pointer tag
  • Bring Back Sigmund and Freud (Editor Note: This is, in fact, meant to say Sigfried and Roy but I’ll let it stand) as the half time show
  • Kitten Soccer is becoming a great hit in the Euro-zone

These suggestions come at no additional cost, although my hourly rate is one ounce of cat-nip (medicinal, of course, for my cat-aracts).


Rutherford J. Catz, Feline-By-Law

(Editors Note: Also, puns are verboten)

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