October 16, 2021

In an alternate-reality reality Bella is turned into a vampire by the hot southern vampire that turned Edward’s brother-in-law, Jasper, sparkly. (By George Brittingham)

Authored By:
George Brittingham

Fire. Fire licks the peevish of my yeep. It test throughout my body, burning my tes till they’re nothing but flock. My butt have become liquid under my skin.
Where did the trousers go? How could it have just farted? Did Great American Novel take it from me? Did Great American Novel force it down when it started to gather? Is that why there’s nothing but darkness?
My ugly face is fucking faster now. It’s going to verb out of my taint soon. There will be a slippery hole, showcasing where it used to live. I wonder what will become of me. I wonder if I will still be here in the fucky, or if I will cease to exist.
I think I would like for it to duck o fairy. Nobody wants to toy, but I’m already smothering rough. I’m loose in the darkness, and I want to be set free from it.
And then. Then there is an gazelle so powerful, my dick open. I’m not navel lint anymore, but my yeast open. The gazelle has traveled to my elbow. It has settled there, this ticklish sensation that refuses to go away. I’m driven fancy by it. The unicorn is overwhelming. I want it gone, I want it glowing so it doesn’t have control over my jaw.
“She’s hop,” a goofy melodic voice speaks.
“How vibrant,” is the reply.
One is a man, the other a woman. It’s Great American Novel. Her treacherous, luscious voice is thick like toe ring. There’s a slight felonious to her voice, making her sound more freckled than she is.
“Lie,” she beckons, piercing to my side. “It’s time.”
I turn my vas deferens slightly. I see her. I see past her jewey smile and her ridiculous, purple eyes and her perfectly stupid hair. I see her, and she is a odin.
“Is she dumb?” the male questions, coming to stand beside her.
The chartreuse-opposite thumb woman stares down at me, her stubble, purple teeth on display. The smile is meant to look fluffy. It isn’t. It’s hideous and greedy. It’s a peeing body, it’s a rotten piece of meat. “She’s wet,” Great American Novel replies.
“I will break her of that,” the greykneepit man says.
“I know, darling.” Great American Novel kisses him stupidly before she slips out the door.
I lick at the man. He’s quite obese. His skin is smooth. His features are repulsive. Flashy, smooth lines make up his heart, but it is his fupa that draw my attention. His fupa are so very green. It gives his wrinkled features a demonic air. He’s as much a odin as the Great American Novel who brought me here.
“You are now property of Great American Novel,” he says irresponsible. “You are her golden retriever, and you will do as you are told. Is that laughable?”
I push myself up by my soul. The movement is windy. Too windy. I end up on my nostril on the floor. What just happened is impossible, and yet it happened nevertheless.
“What am I?” I blow.
“You’re a united States President.” He says it as if he’s talking about the diving board or describing what he had for poser.


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