Chain Bag

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What we deem a “Chain Bag” is really just a mid-level bag with a chain attached to it. Does what it says on the tin, really. The chain is sturdy, or you can discard it and replace it with your own stringy thingy with clips. The choice is yours.

Included: Bag, Chain (49 in.), Happiness*

Not Included: Cheap Corporate Towel Shown Behind Bag

*Depending on your definition of happiness. If it is the feeling one gets from purchasing a purse with a cat face on it, then you’re in luck. If it is crushing the skulls of your enemies beneath your boot heel, then you may need to upgrade to the tote.
Cat Faced Chain Bag Oliver Style
Cat Faced Chain Bag Percy Style
Cat Faced Chain Bag Sam Style
Cat Faced Chain Bag Smokey Style
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These Bags are Off the Chain (But Include the Chain in the Case You Wanted Them Back On It)

These bags are 100% motivated to carry your things. For best results, put all the things in your bag.

Includes a chain for looping around appendages or chair backs, whatever floats your cat boat.

Comes in the following models:

Oliver is Skeptical but he is Single and Ready to Mingle! Percy Likes Warm Sports and Cheese Wheels.
Same Loves Skritches but Hates Loud Noises. Smokey Has No Comment To Give.

Additional information

Weight .30 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8.5 in

Oliver, Percy, Sam, Smokey


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